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Terms of Use

  • All clients are deemed to read the Terms of Use of http://www.beingmyheart.com/ before doing any transaction with us, and are due to understand the following terms and conditions before & after the transaction.
  • Beingmyheart.com provides a healthy dating service to those seeking a lifelong mate. Therefore, we welcome only singles who are serious about sharing their heart with a soul mate.
    Married persons or persons with deviant behaviour of any kind are not welcome to participate in our services.
  • Beingmyheart.com understands and respects the importance of personal information. Your personal information will be used only to register you for an event and to communicate with you after an event. All information is stored on a secure database on a secure server. You may have your personal information and data deleted from our secure database at any time. Simply inform us by phone or email.
  • By participating in any beingmyheart.com event, you are giving us permission to forward your first name, email address and, depending upon your preference settings, a contact phone number to any participant considered a “mutual match.” A “mutual match” is defined as both parties having indicated that they would like to be put in contact with one another.
  • Please understand that planning a beingmyheart.com event is a highly customised, time-consuming process. Our unique software and staff work hard to ensure that each participant is placed at the most suitable event. A cancellation at any time can be a real setback to the process. Your place cannot be reserved or confirmed until payment has been received.
  • If you are unable to attend an event on the date indicated in your invitation, please decline the invitation. You will be sent an invitation letter to the next suitable event.
  • If you do not show up for an event once you have confirmed that you will attend, your fee of such event is forfeit.
  • People that fail to show up once they have confirmed are also degrading the experience for the other participants: If you know you're not going to be there, please let us know out of consideration for the other participants.
  • Any client who cannot participate should notify beingmyheart.com not less than eight days from the date of the activity in order to be refunded (less a HKD100.00 administration charge).
    You are not eligible to have your fee refunded (less a HKD100.00 administration charge) once an invitation letter being sent by us .
  • Please note that many email applications have spam or junk mail blocking facilities. It is your responsibility to ensure that info@beingmyheart.com, askme@beingmyheart.com, enrol@beingmyheart.com are added to your address book.
  • Beingmyheart.com reserves the right to be the final arbiter in any dispute as to whether an invitation has been sent or not. A screen shot of your membership/invitation history can be sent upon request.
    We always wait until enough people have registered before finalizing an activity, and please pay promptly after registration in order to reserve your seat as events almost always fill up several days ahead of time. (Anyone who registers after the party is full will be put in waiting list.) However, approximately 4% of events fail to fill in time. If we are not able to fill an event we will reschedule the event (usually no more than 2 weeks from the original date). You will be notified of the new date by email / SMS the day before the event (unless we have an unusually large number of people cancelling on the day of the event in which case we will notify you on the day). If this new date is not convenient you will be offered the opportunity to wait for the next suitable event or a refund (less the HKD100.00 administration charge). Please note that should you wish to be refunded you must make this request no later than 24 hours after the notification of the event rescheduling.
  • We recognize that our participants look forward to attending our events and that postponing an event can be extremely frustrating. Please be assured that we make every effort to ensure that all events proceed as planned and only cancel an event when we are confident that the experience for our guests would not be up to the normal high standard. Speed dating relies on there being an equal number of men and women and if there is a significant difference in the number of men and women, or there just aren't enough people overall then we prefer to postpone the event.
  • Beingmyheart.com reserves the right to arrange the number of participants without prior notice and we reserve the right to postpone the activity in the case of not enough participants.
  • Beingmyheart.com reserves the right to alter any aspect of its services, including the date of activities, mode of activities, the number of participants and combining events as one event at any time without notice.
  • Beingmyheart.com also reserves the right to take photographs during any activity for publicity purposes.
  • Beingmyheart.com holds no responsibility for the outcome of any relationship that may or may not arise between you and another person that you might meet through a Speed Dating event. Beingmyheart.com takes no responsibility for the activities neither of participants, nor of participants at consequential meetings. You agree not to initiate any claim against Beingmyheart.com resulting from either social or dating activities and agree to hold Speed Dating free from any liability.
    Beingmyheart.com reserves the right to refuse admission to any individual who has not conducted themselves in a proper manner or who we have received complaints about during an event.
  • In case of any dispute, we reserve(have) the right of final decision.
  • Beingmyheart.com is belong to the group of Alliance Bros Ltd. (Hong Kong Business Registration no.: 53654525-000-01-11-A)
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